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New Universal Jean
Modern Sateen Stretch Pant
Straight Leg Ponte Pant
New Universal Pant
The Jegging
New Seamed Ponte Knit Legging
New Sateen Stretch Pant With Comfort Waist
New Straight Leg Jean with Secret Slimmer®
New Bootcut Jean
The Black Jegging
The Twill Jegging
New Bootcut Ponte Pant
New Straight Leg Knit Jean
Pull-On Sateen Pant
New Skinny Leg Jean
New Wide Leg Refined Pant
The Knit Jean (With Pockets)
Essential Flat Front Jean
AnyWear Maxi Skirt
AnyWear Total Ease Skirt
Yoga Pant
Yoga Capri
Crepe Knit Pant
Right Fit Pant (Moderately Curvy)
Right Fit Pant (Curvy)
Active Legging Capri
Everyday Pant
Right Fit Jean (Curvy)
Right Fit Jean (Moderately Curvy)
Everyday Jean
Suprema Knit Pant
Active Legging
Heathered Refined Pant
Refined Pant
Suprema Capri
Superior Stretch Slim Leg Ponte Pant
AnyWear Straight Leg Pant
Straight Leg Knit Pant
AnyWear Slim Leg Pant
Pinstripe Universal Pant
New Right Fit Pant with Secret Slimmer® (Moderately Curvy)
The Capri Knit Jean
Sateen Stretch Pant With Side Elastic
AnyWear Easy Pencil Skirt
Black Label Vegan Suede Skirt
Active Straight Leg Pant
Black Label Lace Skirt
Black Label Ponte Pant with Lace
Wide Leg Velvet Pant
Essential Flat Front Pant
Casual Comfort Pant
Updated Modern Stretch Ankle Pant
Sateen Stretch Capri
The Knit Jean Capri
Jean Capri with Dark-Wash Stripe
Cuffed Jean Capri
Busted Seam Jean Capri
Essential Flat Front Black Capri with Crisscross Detail
Essential Flat Front Denim Capri with Crisscross Detail
Twill Capri With Star Embroidery
The Capri Jegging
Imprint Jean Capri
Curvy Collection Isle Breeze Palazzo Pant
Black Label Garden Vale Pencil Skirt
Black Label Garden Vale Pant
Black Label Jacquard Pencil Skirt
Black Label Jacquard Pant
Black Label Cutwork Vegan Leather Skirt
Black Label Vegan Leather Skirt
Essential Flat Front Capri with Crisscross Detail

Shop the Perfect Petite Plus Size Bottoms

Because we know finding the perfect fitting bottoms is a challenge, we designed petite plus size bottoms in a variety of styles. Looking for petite plus size pants? We offer a variety that are perfect for work or mix it up with our fun prints and colors. Need jeans that you don't want to take to the tailor? Look no further than our selection of petite plus size jeans. And we didn't stop there - we offer petite skirts that hit you just right.

All of our petite plus size bottoms are designed to flatter your curves and fall just right so you don't have to worry about hemming anything.